If only levelers are required, our industrial leveler mounts can be used to securely and properly attach a leveling component to a frame. Easily replaced, these components minimize the chance of frame damage should the leveler get impacted or damaged in transit.  It is also possible to install a leveler, a standard caster, or a leveling caster with a single set of mounting holes on the frame.

Product Features
  • square & corner baseplate mounting
  • tempered stainless baseplate with deep drawn stainless kingpin
  • possible to mount a caster, a leveler, or leveling caster with a single set of mounting holes
  • easily replaced in the event of a leveler strike vs. frame damage
  • cost effective vs. custom machined parts, gussets, and threaded legs
  • overhead leveler adjustment possible with corner baseplate
  • compatible with our seismic restraints
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Shown left to right:

     Mount    Thread

  • Square  1/2-13
  • Square  5/8-11
  • Corner  1/2-13
  • Corner  5/8-11