3D CAD files are provided in most formats including IGES, STEP, PRO/E, and SolidWorks.  Either search for a model by part number or use the menus to narrow down your selection.  When you find the part number you are looking for, click on the link and you will be guided through the process of obtaining the CAD model.  You can also view the 3D model in your web browser prior to download.

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Leveling Casters Having trouble getting casters and levelers into your frame design?
As a service to its major OEM customers, Atlas Casters offers free consulting on how to incorporate our products into your frame design.  We have helped customers simplify their frames to achieve cost reductions with a clean, smart design.  We can also perform a stability analysis to investigate whether your design meets industry norms for saftey.

Contact us today for information about how to get started.  These services are offered without any warranty expressed or implied.
  500 Series
  1000 Series
Swivel Casters
  500 Series
  1000 Series
  1/2 in. Stud     (500 Series Leveling Casters)
  5/8 in. Stud     (1000 Series Leveling Casters)
  11/16 in. Stud (1000 Series HT & HX Lev. Casters)
Leveler Mounts
  1/2-13 Thread
  5/8-11 Thread
  Seismic Restraints