These levelers are built to order with a choice of several stud and foot materials. Although it is a simple component, a number of refinements differentiate them from ordinary levelers and have been incorporated for better functionality and appearance.

Quality Features
  • attractive CNC machined surface finish
  • specially contoured ball socket substantially reduces friction and galling for ease of adjustment
  • anodized and stainless models have a CNC machined 303 stainless ball and hex
  • rolled vs. crimped socket
  • fully threaded stud for full retraction
  • levelers with hex socket allow fast and easy overhead adjustment
  • stainless steel locknut
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Shown left to right:
       Pad         Stud

  • Aluminum  Zinc Stl.
  • Aluminum  SS Hex
  • Anodized  Stainless
  • Anodized  SS Hex
  • Stainless  Stainless
  • Stainless  SS Hex