Phenolic - PH

Our most economical wheel option, the phenolic wheels are non marking and have a wide temperature range.  Although the plain bearing rides directly on the axle bolt, this extremely hard, crowned wheel has excellent ergonomics.

Features & Specifications

  • hardness: 95 Shore D
  • speed limit: 3 mph
  • temperature range: -50 - +250 F
  • good chemical resistance
  • high impact resistance
  • not recommended on ceramic tile floors
Polyurethane - PX

High performance solid polyurethane wheels offer an excellent combination of physical properties: high load capacity, resilience, high wear resistance and a low rolling resistance.  Precision and delrin  bearing options are available with this wheel.

Features & Specifications

  • hardness: 75 Shore D
  • speed limit: 3 mph
  • temperature range: -40 - +150 F
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • highest impact resistance
  • available in non-marking sky blue
Stainless Steel - SS

When stainless is required, Atlas also offers a 100% stainless wheel.  This wheel can be outfitted with our delrin or stainless precision bearings.

Features & Specifications

  • hardness: 85 Rockwell B
  • speed limit: 3 mph
  • temperature range: -40 - +250 F