Our industrial line of swivel casters are specifically made for applications where a low overall height and a high load capacity are desired.  All of our casters feature tempered stainless steel moving parts that exhibit excellent strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, and passive shock absorption.

Quality Features
  • tempered stainless steel construction is stronger with 30-50% less weight
  • absorbs up to 65% more shock than other stamped or cold-forged casters
  • smooth, lustrous stainless finish
  • assembly retained by robust double drawn kingpin rivet
  • coined and tempered raceways for smooth swiveling under high loads
  • fully constrained lower bearings withstand high lateral loads
  • precison and delrin bearings ride upon a ground axle sleeve
  • sealed upper main bearings
Product PhotosClick to Enlarge
Shown left to right:
  • Square Baseplate
  • Corner Baseplate
  • Hollow Kingpin