Tempered Stainless

Atlas is the first and only company to manufacture its caster moving parts from a tempered stainless steel.  This material is much stronger and harder than ordinary stainless steel and is more difficult to form and draw.  Our finished moving parts achieve a through hardness of 33-40 RC and have a tensile strength well in excess of 140 ksi.  Needless to say, they are far superior in strength and corrosion resistance compared to the soft and heavy low carbon hot roll steels used by our competitors.  Our high quality tempered stainless casters will give you years of trouble free service and Atlas stands behind them with one of the best warrantees in the business.

Stainless Steel and the Environment

The tempered stainless steel used by Atlas is supplied by members of the Specialty Steel Industry of North America (SSINA).  These member companies have energy efficient electric furnaces, implement strict air and water pollution controls, and have programs in place to minimize wasted material.  The environmental benefits of stainless steel also include:

  • 100% recyclable - unlike other "recycled" materials, it can be reprocessed back to the same quality as the original, even after many decades of use and exposure
  • no platings are necessary due to the passive chromium oxide layer that inhibits corrosion